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Who’s Right?

July 10, 2008

How do I start off? I see a lot of things on DeafRead. Well, one thing I can say is there is a lot of tension in DeafRead. For starters, DBC and AGBell. First of all, let me talk about DBC. I feel DBC has some right ideas but I also feel either too direct approach or the wrong approach. Their insulting AGBell is not solving any problems. In fact, it is making AGBell more relucent to listen. One of the right ideas of DBC is that you should teach ASL to the babies.

Last year I went to an AGBell-sponsored summer camp. I am going again this year. I saw nothing that actually “conceptionally” said no to ASL. One kid used ASL all the way and no one had a problem with it. AGBell said no to ASL? Ha. Are you looking the wrong way or the right way?

I understand there might be some tension because of some of you being oppressed or whatever. But does this give you the right to dictate someone’s opinion?