Who’s Right?

July 10, 2008

How do I start off? I see a lot of things on DeafRead. Well, one thing I can say is there is a lot of tension in DeafRead. For starters, DBC and AGBell. First of all, let me talk about DBC. I feel DBC has some right ideas but I also feel either too direct approach or the wrong approach. Their insulting AGBell is not solving any problems. In fact, it is making AGBell more relucent to listen. One of the right ideas of DBC is that you should teach ASL to the babies.

Last year I went to an AGBell-sponsored summer camp. I am going again this year. I saw nothing that actually “conceptionally” said no to ASL. One kid used ASL all the way and no one had a problem with it. AGBell said no to ASL? Ha. Are you looking the wrong way or the right way?

I understand there might be some tension because of some of you being oppressed or whatever. But does this give you the right to dictate someone’s opinion?



  1. Hi David –

    Awesome blog! That is the feeling I get too. Think about it, anyone who is being approached harshly will automatically become defensive and that is not good. The most diverse a group or individual the less problems there will be, IMHO.

    It is good to know that AGBell welcomes ASL in their activities.

    I have a question for you, for a person your age, do you ever feel oppressed?? Just curious.

    Keep up the good work and make them more frequent.

  2. No, I don’t feel oppressed by either deaf and/or hearing.

  3. Great post! You have a healthy outlook on all of this.

    I do agree that if DBC had stick with their ASL awareness without looking for a scapegoat, they may have came out looking better.

  4. Can you overlook audiologist, clinics, AVT organizations? Some of those tell parents to put a lot of pressure on deaf kids to be an oralist to be succeed. Please can you check them out…there are a lot of misinformation and put AGBell in the bad spotlight!

    I am aware that AGBell organization did not say bad about ASL. They should promote ASL and explore parents of deaf kids that ASL is NOT bad thing for kids. They should have encourage deaf kids to learn ASL if they fail the oral methods.

  5. That is right, Candy! So, how do we convince them to see the light?? I would rather see them succeed than fail. But with all of you people talking about it, they are not listening still, so will they ever come out of their box?

  6. David,

    Thank you for sharing your view about AGBell and DBC. I love to hear children’ views. I’m glad that you did have a good experience at AGBell’s camp last summer. Have fun at AGBell Camp this summer. Maybe you can take pictures at the camp then you can post them on your blog when you get home. :o)


  7. Geez whiz! Where have you been? Are you stuck on planet Mars? Get real! If you learn from the history, you will know what to say! It is over 120 years of oppression and lies perpetuated by AG Bell and his cronies.

    AG Bell and his cronies will lie through their teeth to get anything they want. They want to dominate the deaf education with a false facade using oralism.

    DBC is on the right track in educating the community about our proud ASL heritage.

    We simply are telling the truth and we know from our experiences.

    So puhleez do your homework before you toot your horn!


  8. Whatever happened in the past stays in the past. And FYI I live on the planet Earth. And if you want to say something, please don’t insult.

    Aidan, thanks.

    Hedor, I love my audiologist. She never told me to get CI; she said it was optional.

    Candy, I love candies!

  9. Kid whiz!

    Your’e wizard!

    I’m one of your huge, huge, huge fans! How are you? Me….just fine. 😉

    Have a good time at the camp. Be good for me and your parents.

    Be jovial.

  10. That’s a good post, you have a great deal of wisdom for a young age. Keep on posting!

    There are those who were seriously harmed by past emphasis on oralism who are now crying
    “beware!” to others.

    It would be wrong to dismiss them as being in the past, though. We need to listen to them as well as to the hopeful ones who paint a bright future.

  11. White Ghost, first of all, I am not a wizard, I am a sorcerer. You are funny!

    Dianrez, I don’t mean to leave past in the past, but I mean don’t dwell on it.

  12. Hey Kiddo… I’ve got a 11 years old son who’d rather play World of Warcraft game than blogging his thoughts! 🙂

    I agree with Dianrez and there are many people who do need healing in order to move on. Many of them don’t have a great support system like some of us so we do need to hear them out – who else but us? We understand them better than most people could.

    Anyway, have a great time at camp!

  13. Hi David!

    Well, you know us adults sometimes have trouble seeing the forest for the trees, and kids see right thru things and get to the point. 🙂

    Dianrez put it very well in her blog. There is a need for healing among those who suffered due to
    AGBell’s past policies of oralism.

    And there is a need to create a positive outreach for bilingualism to hearing parents of deaf children, as 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

    According to some deaf people, DBC is juggling too many balls and as a result, their mission appears to be confusing.

    You’re right to say that you don’t mean to dismiss the past, but you don’t dwell on it. That’s a great attitude! Have fun at summer camp!

  14. By dwell, I mean that they should put on a positive face not an angry face.

  15. Youre an inspiration to some of us! where do i get information about agb camp?


  16. My mom gave me the link http://hearindiana.memberlodge.org/Default.aspx?pageId=140763 and she said you could contact AGBell website for more information.

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